A Romantic endeavour, taking its cues from both Western and Eastern traditions. Exploring marginal, transitional, and liminal places, where elemental forces are at work. Encompassing themes as diverse as Geography, Process, and Identity.

In a constant state of becoming, landscapes reveal themselves, transforming through interaction with elemental processes. Fascinated by these processes and how they relate to internal physical and emotional conditions, landscape transforms into a metaphor for personal geography.

Drawn to powerful cultural notions; Mystical Participation, Psychogeography, Shamanism, exploring tensions between Nature and Culture and its impact on our relationship with environment.

Landscape becomes a mystery holding meanings we strive to grasp but cannot reach, and the artist is a kind of gnostic delving into these mysteries in his own private ways but trying to take us with him and show us what he has found. In this view landscape lies utterly beyond science, holding meanings which link us as individual souls and psyches to an ineffable and infinite world. Robert Meinig, 1979

Printmaking Today Interview, Spring 2017